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Why are you going into social media?

What's your company's purpose in getting into social media? If you're looking to just advertise, sending out messages in a one way fashion, think again. Social media is a conversation, and you're in buy twitter followers review for a surprise. Customers will want to talk back, make suggestions or even complain about your product or service. So before you start your efforts, be clear about your intent in social media. Are you there to retain and talk with existing customers? Protect your brand's reputation online? Find new customers and improve sales? Each of these intents has implications for how your company will act online, and affects the networks where you'll participate.

Why are you going into social media

Where do they live online?

You might know your customers from your physical store or business, but online, where do they spend time? Finding your customers involves doing some research and listening online. If you are a local business, Yelp may have more of an impact than LinkedIn, for example. Social media is global. Are you going to talk with everyone, buy followers on twitter gather a large following, or are you going to focus on just your local customer base? Will you "follow back" or "Friend" everyone online who connects to you, or just some of them. Who? Spend time creating a policy and stick to it.

Know Your Target Market

Who is it that you have in your mind as your ideal customer? Of course we know you want everyone to use your services, but when you market to the masses and do so generally it often leaves everyone feeling that maybe you are talking to someone else. Be specific. If you sell golf clubs for example, then you may have a target market of men, in a certain age range that you are hoping to find on social media. By knowing who it is that your target market customer is, buy twitter followers for 5 allows you to figure out what other interests they also have and where else they may be on social media when they are having ‘downtime’ and showing an interest in their hobbies, etc..

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