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Encourage People to Interact within Your Community

To make your social media contest more exciting and engaging, you have to build your community and post relevant contents. You should be active on social media where the contest is held as much as possible to respond to people’s reactions and encourage them to interact with each other. You can also share relevant contents to engage with people, such as giving tips for creating a winning content and providing some examples if you require contents to enter. It helps people buy fake twitter followers to create ideas for making a nice work. You have to monitor how your goals are doing and track engagements in real-time. To achieve the goals and have better results from a social media contest, you cannot skip this step. Select the best monitoring tool for your contest and analyze the results. From the analysis, you may get better directions to succeed.

I can use social media to make sales for my business.

Use ALL the social platforms

Almost everyone has heard of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and a big number of heard of LinkedIn or even Google+. A true Social Media Guru doesn’t stop there- you must learn to have a presence on all social networks and master them. If this sounds like an onerous task, then remember steps 1 & 2- automation and cross posting are key here. At a basic minimum you should be buy 100 twitter followers using YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn (profile, groups and company page), Google+ (profile and page), Facebook (profile and pages), Instagram, Vine, Path, XeeMe, SoundCloud, Last FM, AudioBoo,, Pinterest, Gentlemint, SnapChat, Flickr, 500px, Foursquare, Tumblr, Yammer and Vimeo- but that is just a basic minimum. A true guru needs to be at the front of the queue for all new social networks.

Be willing to experiment

You probably jumped on social media marketing without any manager or boss telling you to use social media as a marketing channel. As a marketer, you have the innate curiosity to find out how you can shape the new social media channels and like all great artists, you’re not afraid to experiment. You don’t allow trolls to deter you and you keep pushing for your vision for your business or career. Maybe you’re already inspired by a mentor, a manager or a business buy followers twitter person and are seeking to become more like him or her. You have a vision for the life you’d like to create for yourself. You are focused on self-actualization and insist on delivering the best of your abilities no matter what you do. You are in a way, an artist.

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